Artist Spotlight: Nokomento

Artist Spotlight: Nokomento


Nokomento is a freelance illustrator and advertising major.  She is also the lead artist for BattleCON (short for "Battle Connection Fighting System"), a card-based duel game.

Despite having a lot on her plate, it's impressive how she keeps up that amazing and energetic vibe through her art. Her works are characterized by rich facial expressions, dynamic poses, and "bold strokes of color".

So far, she has done an artbook (Devour, 2009) and some comic anthologies throughout the years. 

In short, she just does a lot of cool stuff. 


Nokomento spent some time for us to answer a couple of questions regarding her creative outputs. Here are her thoughts:

Q: Why choose this kind of art you are doing? What compels you to pursue your practice?

A: I have always been a fan of anime and games as a kid and somehow it evolved into trying to draw those cool characters for myself. Eventually, it turned into an actual love of the art of drawing for the sake of just drawing.

Q: What is your creative process when doing them?

A: First I think of a subject to draw. After that, I would doodle little stick figures into poses to put the subject in. It's never a final pose but it helps narrow down the look I want for it. Light and shadow placement follows that and then clean up.


Q: Can you please tell us a bit about your medium and what are you fond of using? 

A: I am fond of using pens with ink or watercolors. The sketchy effect of drawing straight with a pen is something I really love and can't replicate if I do a pencil sketch. Ink washes work well with the pen and it helps that it's easy to drip some black watercolor into a brush pen to take with you for doodling on the go.

Q: Can you share with us the feeling when you finish a body of work?

A: Whenever I finish a new piece I feel relief because it's finally done (haha). Every time I draw I try to think of a new way to color this or pose that. But most important is that when I finish one piece I can now work on a new piece.

Q. Finally, Your most profound moment being a creative.

A: The most profound moment I've had is that I get adrenaline rushes on pieces that while drawing. I cannot explain the excitement but I guess it's really just doing what I love.

Thoughts from the artist:

Drawing is not easy sometimes.

I've had days where everything I saw in my sketchbooks was bad and nothing worked. A little break and some inspirational art book browsing always helped and then I loved drawing again.

Thank you so much.

You may check out her works through InstagramFacebookTwitter and Tumblr

All images are used with permission from the artist. 

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